What To Do When Your Boss Is Half Your Age

What To Do When Your Boss is Half Your Age

There’s no doubt that having a boss much younger than you can be a little…

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Why Some Employers Are Scared To Hire Mature People

Why some employers are scared to hire mature people

It may come as a surprise to some but many younger managers and employers are…

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If You Can’t Get A Job, Make One

If you can't get a job, make one

In an interview about the successful TV drama "Wanted", star and co-producer, Rebecca Gibney mentioned…

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What’s The Value Of Mature Aged Workers?

What’s the value of mature aged workers?

Here’s an interesting fact. Research by Deloitte Access Economics (July 2012) showed that if we…

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How to look good at an interview

Your wardrobe says alot about you. And how you dress for a job interview, will convey…

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The secret to not looking your age may be not acting your age

That old adage “You’re only as old as you feel” may actually have some scientific…

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6 Tips To Maintain A Regular Exercise Regime

6 Tips to Maintain a Regular Exercise Regime

If there’s one thing in life that underlies everything you do it’s your health. Being…

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How Old Is A Mature Aged Person?

How old is a mature aged person?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 45 is the age at which they define a…

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What’s The Single Biggest Mistake To Make In A Job Interview?

What’s the single biggest mistake to make in a job interview?

Over my many years as an employer, I have interviewed scores of job applicants. While…

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Myths Versus Reality

Myths versus Reality

Myths abound about mature age workers and one of the big ones is that mature…

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