2ND ACT was founded by Joe Podosky after a long career across a number of industries. Over his 40 plus years in business, Joe has been both an employee and an employer. He understands both sides of the employment process.

Having worked in three youth-orientated industries that are notorious for eating their young and killing off their elders, Joe has first-hand experience in staying relevant and up-to-date in business.

After six years in the music industry, over 25 years in advertising and 15 years in the digital world, Joe understands what it takes to live and work in businesses that usually pension you off when you hit 50…if not beforehand. At 46, Joe was working for a web development firm where the average age was 24. The CEO was just 22. At 47, Joe started a web development firm long before it was fashionable. And by 60, he was still working in advertising as a partner in an ad agency.

He now works with people aiming to future-proof their career and keeping their career going beyond 50. Joe shows how his experiences are easily transferable to any industry.


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